Big Island Consulting

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18 years of experience in the Real Estate and Marketing industries, Ryan has accomplished quite a bit. Just in the last 8 years Ryan has sold over 235 waterfront properties in excess of $22,000,000. 

  • Ryan worked with sellers advising them how to bring properties up to marketability, he organized contractors and landscapers with scheduling and quality control. 
  • Ryan is the owner/webmaster for Blue Sky Design where he creates personal and business websites from beginning to SEO. 
  • Ryan is the Owner/webmaster/Marketing Sales Manager for
  • Ryan has completed two large lakefront developments. He managed the complete projects from surveying, utility installation, road construction, well drilling, perk testing, marketing and complete exclusive sales.
  • Ryan held an elected position for two terms as City council member and 10 years as a Board of Public Health member. Ryan held a board position with the Chamber of Commerce. Ryan was the President for a Lakefront Home Owners Association for 7 years.
  • When it comes to organization Ryan Milligan is the man that will put everybody together and get the job done on a timeline that is expected by all. When you need that right hand man when you can't be there, leave it up to Ryan with Big Island Consulting.
  • FEES: $45.00 per hour $900.00 retainer to get started, Billed weekly. 

"Give me a call and let's go over what projects you are working on and let's see if I would be a good fit as your Planning Director! Whether you are looking to purchase property and need some advise, or you are selling property and need a consultant to coordinate with contractors, or you are looking for marketing and marketing advise, I will be your surrogate."